How to check my Georgia EBT SNAP/Food Stamp Balance 2024?

What is the Georgia EBT Card and how do check the GA EBT Balance for the Food Stamp also known as SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits program through Phone Number, ConnectEBT GA Online Portal, and other methods?

In this article, you can find the latest updates and step-by-step procedures for Georgia EBT Balance Check and other related information.

The Georgia Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) program is a special program that has been designed to provide food assistance benefits to all citizens residing in Georgia state. These benefits are transferred through an EBT card which is similar to a debit card.

EBT card is also used to access other government benefits such as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Medical Assistance and PeachCare for Kids, Childcare and Parent Services (CAPS), Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), etc.

It’s crucial to understand how to effectively manage your Georgia EBT balance and get the most out of your benefits. Let’s check out the key information about Georgia EBT Balance, how to use the card, etc.

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What is Georgia EBT?

The Georgia Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) is a program that is designed to provide government benefits to citizens of Georgia in an electronic medium. Citizens must be eligible to receive the EBT benefits through SNAP, TANF, etc assistance programs.

This EBT benefit transfer system was introduced to eliminate the paperwork and other mode of benefits such as paper checks or vouchers. Now an EBT card is issued to citizens which ensures that all families who are low-income or poor will have access to the nutritional foods.

Eligibility Criteria for Georgia EBT:

Citizens must fulfill the eligibility criteria that depend on the income and asset requirements, household size, expenses, etc. Eligibility criteria are different for different programs such as TANF, SNAP, etc.

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How to activate Georgia EBT Card?

All citizens who are eligible and applying for the Food Assistance programs get government benefits that can be used to purchase food items through participating stores.

If you recently got your new EBT card then the first step is to activate your card and create a PIN. You can not use your EBT card to make any transaction if you do not activate it. You can simply activate your card by calling 1-888-421-3281. People with disabilities can call TTY (Relay Service for Hearing/Speech Impaired) at 1-844- 622-4023.

When you dial the above phone number, please follow the on-call instructions and activate your card. You will have to share the below information during a phone call.

  • The 16-digit card number on the front of your card.
  • The primary EBT account holder’s 5-digit mailing Zip Code.
  • The primary EBT account holder’s Date of Birth.

You can also create a PIN for your EBT card during the call which will be used for making transactions.

Please note that if your card was stolen or misplaced and you got a replacement card then there is no need to activate that card. It will be preactivated and you can use your previous PIN to make transactions or check the balance through ATM.

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How to check GA EBT Balance?

The easiest way to check the Georgia EBT Balance is by calling the Balance Check Number, logging in to the ConnectEBT GA portal, or checking the last purchase receipt.

Your Georgia EBT balance is the total amount available on your EBT card. This EBT Balance depends on the type of benefits you are getting through your benefit program such as SNAP or TANF. You can use your EBT Balance at any authorized retailer.

All cardholders must check the balance of their Georgia EBT card before they shop or withdraw cash.

We are sharing all the different methods below. Please have a look.

  1. Balance check through Georgia EBT Balance Number
  2. Balance check through the Last Receipt
  3. Balance check through ATM
  4. Balance check through the ConnectEBT GA web Portal
  5. Balance check through the ConnectEBT Mobile App

Let’s check out how to use all methods and check the balance of the GA EBT Card.

Balance Check through Georgia EBT Balance Number

To check the balance of your EBT card, please call 888-421-3281 phone number. This phone number is printed on the back side of your EBT card. Please verify this number before making a call.

After dialing this number, please respond to the automatic dialer machine through the appropriate options and check your current balance.

This phone number also provides other facilities that you can check while making a call.

Balance Check through the Last Receipt

The best way to know your balance is to KEEP YOUR LAST RECEIPT. When you purchase food items from grocery stores, you will receive a receipt for your bill (as shown below).

As you can see clearly in the above image, you can find the transaction amount, remaining balance, transaction date, etc. information on the billing receipt.

Please note that the above receipt is for representation purposes only. The receipt may be different in the case of different providers.

Balance check through ATM

Cardholders can also check their balance through any ATM that accepts EBT cards. Visit any ATM, put your EBT card in it, and perform the balance inquiry as you do normally in any ATM. You will have to enter your PIN. Your balance will be shown on the screen and you will also get a receipt where you can see the remaining balance of your EBT card.

If you withdraw cash from the ATM then also you can see the remaining balance in the transaction receipt you got through the ATM after the withdrawal. Please make sure that the balance is correctly showing on the receipt.

Please note that cardholders can make two free ATM withdrawals each month at ATMs. After two free transactions, a surcharge will be imposed on every further transaction. Generally, the surcharge may be $.45 or it may be $1 for some providers.

Cardholders will get the information that surcharge will be applied or not before making any transaction so that cardholders can choose to proceed with making a transaction or cancel the transaction.

Balance Check through ConnectEBT GA web Portal

Log in to your ConnectEBT Georgia account and check the balance of your EBT card. There are third-party EBT providers in each state that manage the EBT account and the transactions performed on the beneficiary’s EBT account.

In Georgia, the ConnectEBT portal is used to manage the EBT accounts of all citizens. ConnectEBT portal is developed by Conduent Inc. and is available only for states in the United States.

Please follow the below steps to check your EBT Balance.

ConnectEBT portal homepage
  • You can log in to your account in two ways.

i-Select Georgia state on the left side and enter your User ID and Password. Click the Login button to access your account.

ii-Select the Georgia state on the right side and click the Submit button. You will see the Georgia-specific Connect EBT portal homepage (as shown below). gaebtclient login page
  • Enter your User ID and Password.
  • Press the Login button to access your account.
  • After logging in, you can check your EBT Balance online.

Balance check through the ConnectEBT Mobile App

If your service provider is Conduent INC who manages the Connect EBT web portal then all EBT cardholders can download the official Mobile App and check the Balance of their EBT card.

Using the mobile app is a very easy and convenient option as it provides on-the-go accessibility to all the important information about your GA EBT account.

The first step is to download the official mobile app on your smartphone. We have given the links to the official mobile app below. You can click the links and download the app or simply search for the app on Google Play or Apple App Store.

PlatformDownload link
AndroidClick here
iOSClick here

After downloading the app, open the app on your smartphone and log in to your account by using the same login credentials. After logging in, you can manage your account and check the EBT Balance for your Georgia Food Stamp benefits.

Getting Your Georgia EBT Card

If you think that you are eligible to apply for the Food Stamp benefits then you can submit an online application. We have shared the GA Food Stamps Apply process in the linked article. Please check and apply online or offline.

After submitting your application for the SNAP or TANF to the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS), your application will be reviewed and your interview will be scheduled. If you clear the interview and share all the supportive documents then you will get your Georgia EBT card within 30 days after your approval.

When Do I Get My Food Stamps Each Month?

All beneficiaries get their food stamps benefits every month on a certain date. Below we have mentioned the dates when you will receive your benefits amount on your EBT card. These dates are different as per the client ID of the beneficiary. Benefits are credited to the EBT account from the 5th through the 23rd of each month.

Please have a look at the below table. You will have to check the last two numbers of your Client ID and after that check the date of the benefits in the second column.

If your  Client ID ends withYou will receive your SNAP benefits on the
00-095th day of the month
10-197th day of the month
20-299th day of the month
30-3911th day of the month
40-4913th day of the month
50-5915th day of the month
60-6917th day of the month
70-7919th day of the month
80-8921st day of the month
90-9923rd day of the month


  • If you have any questions or concerned, call the Customer Service Helpdesk at 1-888-421-3281. You can also send an email to [email protected].
  • To report fraud on your EBT card please call the phone number 1-800-424-9121 or visit
  • To make changes to your SNAP case, contact DHS at 1-877-423-4746.

Customer service numbers can be used for different concerns such as:

  • You can activate your card.
  • If your EBT card is lost then you can call the above number and deactivate your card.
  • You can ask for the replacement of your EBT card by calling the customer service number.
  • If you forgot your PIN then call the customer service number and create a new PIN.
  • You can also set a PIN, set benefit alerts, set low balance alerts, and see your EBT account activity.

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Frequently asked questions

What happened to my benefits after 365 days?

Nothing happened after 365 days. All the benefits remaining on your EBT card will be removed from your account after 374 days if there is no financial activity. It is advised to use all the benefits before 374 days.

Please note that your EBT card may work again for any other benefit program or if you renew your benefits but your existing benefits if unused will be removed after 374 days.

Important instructions to use your Georgia EBT Card?

Please have a look at a few tips and instructions to use your EBT card. It will help you to get the most out of your EBT Benefits.

Create a Budget: Before making any purchase, please plan your budget and make a list of all the items that you are about to purchase.

Please ensure that you have enough funds in your EBT card to purchase all the items.

Check Prices: It is important to check the prices of food items at different stores and compare them to get the best value for your benefits.

Use Coupons and Sales: Some stores provide coupons and sale events. Please check them and apply coupons so that you can improve your purchasing power.

Learn to Cook: Don’t buy ready-made food items instead purchase raw food items and cook them at home to save money.

Monitoring Transactions: It is advised to monitor your transactions regularly and keep track of any unauthorized transactions.

If you find any unauthorized transaction, please contact customer service and report the issue.

Reporting Lost or Stolen Cards: If your EBT card is lost or stolen, it is the primary task to report to customer service and request a replacement card.

You can also report a lost or stolen card through the ConnectEBT online portal.

Keeping Your EBT Information Secure: It is essential to keep your EBT card, card-related information, and PIN secure. Don’t share this type of information with anyone.

Can I use my Georgia EBT card in other states?

Yes, You can use your EBT card in every state of the United States. All authorized states accept EBT cards.

If you are relocating to a different state then you can use your EBT card. We advise you to confirm with the local EBT office of the other state where you are planning to travel.

What should I do if my EBT card is damaged?

If your EBT card is not readable or not working and becomes damaged, please contact the EBT customer service number to share the issue and ask for a replacement card.

Where can I spend my Food Stamp (SNAP) Benefits?

There are many food stores authorized by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and Food and Nutrition Service (FNS).

These stores can accept EBT transactions and provide food items to all eligible Georgia citizens.

These stores have a special signs such as “We accept SNAP” or “We accept Food Stamps”.
Please look for the sign before going to purchase food items.

What is the GA EBT Food Stamp/SNAP Balance Number?

Georgia EBT Balance Check number for the Food Stamp/SNAP benefits program is 888-421-3281. All Georgia cardholders can call this phone number to check the EBT card balance and find other account-related information.


The Georgia EBT program is very important and plays a crucial role in helping individuals and families in Georgia state. It is essential to understand how to manage your EBT Balance and ConnectEBT account to take the most out of the Food Stamp benefits.

It is also essential to keep informed about the latest news, and policy changes about the benefit program you have enrolled in.

Finally, we have shared all the important information about the Georgia EBT program, how to check the EBT Balance, how to use the EBT card, how to keep your account secure, etc. We hope you like this article and get the information that are you looking for. Finally, thanks for reading this article.

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