Georgia Way2Go Card Login: Instant Balance Check 2024

How citizens can log in to their Georgia way2go Card (formerly EPPICard) account and check the Unemployment Insurance (UI) balance? What are the requirements and step-by-step procedure to perform a balance inquiry?

We are sharing the latest information and new updates related to the Georgia Unemployment Insurance card also known as the Way2Go card including different methods to check the card balance. Please have a look.

Many benefits programs are run by the Georgia government to help its citizens in the state. These programs offer different types of benefits including financial support, educational support, child care, medical support, etc.

Unemployment Insurance is also one of the benefit programs that offers financial support to needy unemployed workers in Georgia state.

What is Georgia Unemployment Insurance?

Georgia Unemployment Insurance is A Federal-State Unemployment Insurance Program managed by Georgia state. It helps unemployed workers in Georgia state by providing temporary income.

There may be many reasons for unemployment such as job loss without any fault or looking for another job.

To get the temporary income benefit, workers must meet all the unemployment and other eligibility criteria as determined by the Georgia government.

Please note that taxes paid by employers fund the Unemployment Insurance program. It’s a good scheme to help unemployed workers by providing them with financial support.

The Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) provides weekly financial benefits to all eligible workers ranging from $55 to $365 depending on the amount of wages earned.

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How do workers receive the Unemployed benefits?

There are two ways workers will get their payments.

  • Direct Deposit – Payments will be deposited into workers’ checking or savings accounts.
  • Debit Card – Payments will be deposited into a Debit Card.

Previously UI payments were issued through paper check which is not supported now.

Now Georgia government is providing the payment in the Way2Go Mastercard if the beneficiary does not enroll in the direct deposit.

What is the Georgia UI Way2Go MasterCard?

The Georgia UI Way2Go Debit MasterCard is a debit card issued by Comerica Bank.

It is given to workers after enrollment in the Unemployment Insurance program if the workers do not enroll in the direct deposit payment method.

Conduent Inc. is managing all the Way2Go card accounts through the GoProgram.

Way2Go card is fast, secure, and one of the two preferred methods to receive unemployment benefit payments. The card is valid for three years.

Previously the Unemployment Insurance benefits were given through the EPPICard which has now transitioned into the Way2Go card.

How to activate the Way2Go Mastercard?

After receiving the Way2Go card, workers must activate it to receive the unemployment benefit.

There are two ways to activate the Way2Go Mastercard.

  • Customer service – Please call the UI Debit MasterCard Customer Service at 1-888-929-2460 and follow the on-call instructions to activate your Way2Go Mastercard. The customer service number is also written on the back side of the card.
  • Go Program – Visit the Go Program website, log into your account, and activate your Way2Go Mastercard.

Customers can create their card PIN during the card activation process.

Way2Go card PIN will be used for different purposes such as making transactions and checking the account balance.

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Georgia Way2Go Login

Customers can log in to their Way2Go card account and check their account summary, card balance, transition history, set up alerts, etc.

Please note that you must have registered an account on the Go Program website and be ready with your login credentials.

It is also a good idea to use a secure web browser and a secure and trusted device to access your account.

  1. Visit the official website
GA Way2Go card login page
  1. Enter your User ID and click the Login button.
  2. Enter your password and access your account.

How to check the Way2Go Mastercard Balance?

All cardholders must check their card balance before making any purchase. There are different ways to check the Way2Go Mastercard balance.

  1. Balance check through the Go Program website.
  2. Balance check through customer service.
  3. Balance check through ATM.

Let’s check out the detailed procedure of each balance check method.

Balance check through the Go Program website:

Customers can visit the Go Program website and log in to their Way2Go account.

After login, customers can check all account details including the current balance of their Way2Go card, previous transactions, and other related information.

Way2Go account balance check:

After logging in, you will find several options to manage your Way2Go account. You will also find your account summary on the dashboard page including the current balance.

Balance check through customer service:

All Wau2Go card customers will get multiple account management options through the customer service phone number.

Just call the Georgia UI Way2Go customer service number at 1-888-929-2460 and follow the instructions.

Choose appropriate balance check options and share any account-related information during the call if required.

Balance check through ATM:

Free ATM Balance Check facility is available for all Way2Go Mastercard holders at MoneyPass ATMs.

Customers can insert their card into the ATM and perform a balance inquiry free of cost as long as using the MoneyPass ATM network.

You will also receive a transaction receipt including the account balance. Please keep your transaction receipt for future reference.

Customers can also use other ATMs but please check if there is any fee for making a transaction. Customers also get the unlimited cash withdrawal service through the MoneyPass ATMs.

Please visit to find the nearest MoneyPass ATM.

Balance check through the Way2Go mobile app:

Customers can access their accounts through the Way2Go mobile app and access all services that the online web portal offers including the balance check.

Customers can click the below given Android and iOS app links to download the app or search for the app in the Play Store or App Store.

PlatformDownload linkCurrent version
AndroidClick here3.1.0
iOSClick here3.1.0

After downloading the mobile app, customers can access their accounts through their Way2Go Card user ID and password. You can also enroll in a new account if you are not yet registered.

How to check the card balance?

After login, customer can check their account balance on the app dashboard page.

The mobile app offers a faster way to check the Way2Go card balance that customers can use at any time.

Other features of the mobile app:

Customers can access the below features and benefits of the mobile app.

  • Enable the biometrics login facility.
  • Access your account and check the account balance on the go.
  • View previous transaction details of up to 18 months.
  • Set up alerts and notification preferences.
  • Activate a new card and register a new account.
  • Change your PIN and lock or unlock your card.
  • Check your recent transactions and confirm whether you have received the Unemployment Insurance benefits or not.
  • Check and download the monthly account statement.

How to register a new Georgia Way2Go account?

Customers must have a Go Program account to manage their account online, check their account balance, and access transaction history.

After receiving the new Way2Go card, customers must visit the official website and create a new account by using the card information.

Please follow the below steps to register a new account.

  • Visit the Go Program website.
  • Click the new account registration link on the login page.
GA Way2Go card registration page

Now you will find a registration form including a five-step registration process (as shown in the above image).

  1. Card Information – Enter your 16-digit Way2Go card number and CVV and select the answer to the security question.
  2. User Validation – Enter the Date of Birth and Unique ID of the primary cardholder and verify the user.
  3. Account Setup – Set up your account by creating a unique Username and Password.
  4. Security Profile – Set up your security profile which will be used for authentication in case you forgot your login credentials.
  5. Notification – Manage and set up your notification preference.

Complete all five steps by providing all required information and press the Continue button after every step.

After registering your online account, you can log in to the official website and access your account dashboard page.

Note: Please note that you will have to activate your Way2Go card separately. Registration is just to create your login credentials.

Benefits of Georgia UI Way2Go Debit MasterCard?

Initially, the Georgia government was issuing paper checks to all eligible participants in the Unemployment Insurance program.

On November 2, 2012, the Georgia government introduced direct deposit and debit card payment for all beneficiaries and stopped issuing paper checks.

Georgia government has started depositing unemployment benefits in the customer’s EPPICard. Recently, Conduent the service provider of the EPPICard has moved to the Way2Go Card program.

EPPICard is no longer working and customers will not be able to access their EPPICard accounts. Conduent has launched a new web portal and a new Way2Go card has been Mailed to all customers.

Unemployment Insurance beneficiaries can create a new account on the new website by sharing the Way2Go card information.

The new website offers several benefits to customers as mentioned below.

  • Customers will get benefits through faster fund transferring in their Way2Go card.
  • Customers can use their debit cards to make purchases and pay their bills.
  • Customers can also get cash back if available.
  • There is no need for a bank account.
  • Way2Go card is a convenient, fast, and secure option and is backed up by FDIC insurance and PIN protection.

Fees associated with Georgia UI Way2Go Debit MasterCard:

Basic usage such as POS transactions, ATM Balance inquiries, customer service, and In-network ATM withdrawals are free for all Way2Go customers.

There are charges on other activities as mentioned in the below table.

Card purchaseNone
Point-of-sale (POS)Free
ATM withdrawal through the MoneyPass ATM networkFree
ATM withdrawal outside the MoneyPass ATM network$0.95 for each transaction
ATM balance inquiryFree at all ATMs
Customer serviceFree
International transaction fee$0.95
International transaction Mastercard fee3%
Bill Pay$0.50
Card replacement$4.50
Funds Transfer$1.50
Inactivity fee after 12 months$1.75
Expedited card delivery$14.50

Way2Go Card Helpline

  • All cardholders who are facing issues related to their Way2Go debit card can call the customer service phone number at 1-888-929-2460 to get assistance.
  • For TTY assistance, customers can call the Go Program TTY support line at 1-877-906-0085.
  • For any type of claim inquiry or payment information, please contact the Georgia Department of Labor.

Customers will get assistance related to the below type of inquiries.

  • Customers can report their lost or stolen cards.
  • Customers can perform a balance inquiry.
  • Customers can get account details and change their PIN.
  • Customers can request transaction history.
  • Customers can ask debit card-related questions such as card usage at domestic and international levels.
  • Customers can register a complaint.


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To sum up, the way2Go card is a great way to provide Unemployment Insurance benefits directly to the customer’s debit card account. It helps customers to receive their unemployment benefits faster and more conveniently.

Customers can use their Way2Go card similar to a debit card to make any type of purchase, shopping, withdrawing funds from ATM, bill payment, etc.

We have shared all the helpful information related to the Way2Go card in this article including different methods to check the Way2Go card balance.

We hope that this article will solve all the queries you are searching online.

Finally, thanks for reading this article. Don’t forget to share this article if it is helpful. You may also share your questions or suggestions in the comment section below.

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