How can I check my Georgia e-WIC Card Balance 2024?

Conduent Inc. manages the GA eWIC Card and the online portal. All citizens enrolled in the Woman, Infants, and Children program receive an eWIC card which is used to receive the benefits amount through electronic transfer.

All Georgia citizens can check their WIC card balance by logging in to their account, calling the customer service phone number, using the balance inquiry terminal at an authorized WIC retailer, through ATM balance inquiry, and their last receipt from the store where they purchased the food items.

Georgia e-WIC card

The eWIC card is similar to a debit card that all WIC-approved families get. This card loads with the WIC benefits that families can access at approved food stores. This entire electronic benefit transfer program, eWIC card, and the online portal are managed by Conduent Inc.

The main objective was to provide nutritious foods to all WIC-enrolled families to make them stay healthy. Families can visit any nearest WIC-approved food store and check out the purchased food amount through an eWIC card.

Your monthly benefits will be used to purchase food items. Before making any purchase, it is advised to check the balance of your eWIC card and ensure that it has enough funds to buy food as per your requirements.

Let’s check out how to check the balance of an eWIC card.

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How to Activate Georgia e-WIC card?

Georgia citizens who recently got their e-WIC card will be unable to take its advantage unless they first activate it. Citizens must activate their card and create a PIN before visiting any participating food store.

The activation process is straightforward. Just call the WIC customer service by calling 1-844-309-5653 (also written on the back side of your e-WIC card) and follow the on-call instructions. You must share your 16-digit eWIC card number, zip code, name, and date of birth of the primary cardholder during the call.

After creating the PIN, you can use your card to purchase food items at any authorized food store.

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How to check Georgia e-WIC Card Balance?

Citizens can easily check their e-WIC card balance by calling the customer service phone number, by logging in to the portal, or by checking the last store purchase receipt.

Your e-WIC card balance is updated as soon as WIC food benefits are added to your eWIC card. Up to 3 months of food benefits balance can be added to the e-WIC card. Your WIC food benefits will have a certain duration and benefits will not roll over to next month.

It is advised to check the start and end date to use your food balance on any of your purchase receipts and utilize your food balance before the end date.

It is also advised to all beneficiaries to check their e-WIC card balance before visiting any authorized retailer.

There are multiple ways Georgia citizens can check the balance of their e-WIC card. Please have a look below. account, calling the customer service phone number, using the balance inquiry terminal at an authorized WIC retailer, through ATM balance inquiry, and their last receipt from the store where they purchased the food items.

  1. Balance check through Georgia e-WIC Balance Number.
  2. Balance check through the Last Store Receipt.
  3. Balance check through ATM.
  4. Balance check through the web Portal.
  5. Balance check through the balance inquiry terminal at an authorized WIC retailer.

Let’s have a look at how to use each method and check the eWIC card balance.

Balance check through Georgia e-WIC Balance Number.

To check the balance of an e-WIC card, cardholders can call the toll-free Customer Service number at 1-844-309-5653. The customer service number is also printed on the back side of your WIC card.

You will have to follow the on-call instructions to get the current balance. You may also check what other facilities this automatic dialer machine offers to WIC beneficiaries.

Balance check through the Last Store Receipt.

When you purchase food items from a WIC-authorized retailer in Georgia state, the cashier will give you the payment receipt. This receipt includes the current transaction information and the remaining balance on the eWIC card.

eWIC cardholders can keep this receipt to check the remaining balance whenever they want to purchase food items.

Information available on the Receipt:

  • List of all food items and their prices you have purchased.
  • Remaining balance on your eWIC card.
  • The expiry date of your benefit balance.
  • Store ID and date of purchase.

Balance check through ATM

Cardholders can visit any nearest ATM and perform a Balance inquiry by entering their eWIC card PIN. It will show the remaining balance on the eWIC card. Please note that there may be ATM charges for the Balance inquiry facility.

Balance check through the web Portal.

Citizens can log in to their portal and check their balance through their account dashboard page. The Wicconnect portal has been developed by Conduent and it is used to manage all eWIC card accounts in Georgia state for the WIC (Women, Infants, Children) program.

Conduent also manages other state portals for the WIC program.

To check the eWIC card balance, please follow the below steps.

  1. Visit the official web portal
  2. Select Georgia state under the Cardholders section.
  3. You will be directed to the Georgia wicconnect state portal.
  4. A login form will appear on the screen.
  5. Enter your User ID and Password and log in to your account.
  6. After logging in, you can check your eWIC card balance and other account-related information.

Balance check through the balance inquiry terminal at an authorized WIC retailer.

Many authorized retailers offer food items including fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen fruits and vegetables, Milk, Whole Grain, Bread, Pasta, Fish, Rice, Juice, etc.

WIC-authorized retailers also have a balance inquiry terminal that eWIC cardholders can use to check the balance on their cards. Just insert your eWIC card into the balance inquiry terminal and check your card balance before purchasing the food items.

How can I get an eWIC card?

All eligible citizens can submit their WIC Application online to get an eWIC card. After the approval, citizens will receive a physical eWIC card through Mail.

Customers can visit the Georgia Gateway Login Portal and access their accounts. After login, citizens can submit a WIC application in an online mode.

We advised citizens to check their eligibility before submitting their online application through the WIC PreScreening Tool

eWIC card Helpline

Please contact WIC customer service by calling 1-844-309-5653. You will get assistance related to your WIC card and WIC account. You may also call the local WIC clinic.

eWIC Card Balance Check Highlights:

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PurposeTo provide eWIC card Balance related information for Georgia residents
BeneficiaryAll Georgia residents who are receiving WIC benefits

Frequently asked questions

Can I use my eWIC card in other states?

No, Georgia WIC provides benefits to purchase food items from authorized retailers only in Georgia state. Beneficiaries can not use their eWIC card in other states. Please check the Georgia WIC-approved stores list at your local WIC office.

What if my eWIC card is stolen or damaged?

You may call WIC customer service at 1-844-309-5653 or call your local WIC clinic in case your eWIC card has been damaged or not working or your card has been stolen. You will get a replacement card free of cost.

When will I receive my WIC benefits?

WIC benefits will be available at 12:01 AM on the benefit start date and will expire at 11:59 PM on the benefit end date. Please use all your benefits before the end date.

What is the WIC Balance Number GA?

The WIC Balance Check Number for the Georgia state is 1-844-309-5653. It’s a toll-free number that all customers can dial to check the current balance and other information on their eWIC card.


The Georgia WIC program is very crucial for Georgia citizens and provides cash benefits to all eligible customers in their WIC accounts. Citizens can purchase health and nutritional items with the help of their eWIC card and stay healthy.

Citizens can take advantage of all the benefits of the WIC Program by applying through the Georgia Gateway portal.

We have shared all the different methods to check the eWIC card balance in this article. Please let us know your preferred method in the comment section below. You may also share your views and questions.

Finally, thank you for reading this article.

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